EVENT: Human Rights: Right Here, at Home


Want to learn more about Islam, Transgender Rights, and Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance?! Join us THIS SATURDAY, DEC 10 for our commemoration of International Human Rights Day, Right Here at Home! #standup4rights


We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike”- Maya Angelou

Many of us are fearful about the direction our world is heading. The sharp and steady increase in verbal insults and hateful attacks intensifies our fears and concern for our families and friends.

Because it is far too easy for people to tend to fear that which they do not know or understand, it is our collective responsibility, now, more than ever to learn more about each other, reaffirm our common humanity and stand up for human rights for ALL people.

Please come join us Saturday, December 10 at the Grange Hall for an informative discussion on “Human Rights: Right Here, at Home #stand4humanrights” as part of the United Nations Human Rights Day.

At 5 p.m. by candlelight, “We the people” will take a stand for equal rights. And together, we can take a stand for respect for all humanity. Bring your signs of affirmation, of protest, of support (and your own candles). But most of all please bring a spirit of unification and mutual respect.

At 5:30 p.m. we will move into the Grange Hall where we will join together with our neighbors for song and speeches. We are honored to have two individuals who will speak from their personal experiences and teach us about Islam and Transgender Rights.We will also learn about the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance who work to end mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline and to stop the criminalization of Connecticut’s children and youth.

We will have spiced cider and cookies for attendees 🙂


    • Ever wonder or had someone say to you, “What’s the deal with all this transgender stuff? It’s all too complicated and confusing!” For those who haven’t known or talked to a transgender person, myths and stereotypes can too easily get in the way of understanding. In this presentation, we will explain the basics of gender, different gender identities, what transition looks like, as well as the DOs and DON’Ts of being a true, effective ally to the trans community.
    • In addition, we will discuss the fact that Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions of our time. Due to poor media representation, many of us have heard only negative things or don’t know much at all or confuse culture with the religion of Islam. In this educational presentation, Zahra Tariq will help us gain a greater understanding and more knowledge about Islam as a peaceful religion and way of life.
    • Sean, 16, arrested for breach of peace, locked in adult prison and denied his psychiatric medicines. Sean talked about suicide while confined to a cell 23-hours-a-day.
    • Jerome, 16, arrested with one marijuana cigarette. Like many youth of color, Jerome got the harshest treatment possible. He served enough time to lose a semester in school.
    • Zach, 10, struggling with depression and learning disabilities (neither diagnosed) and a target for bullies. He was running away from school and a threatened beating when he tripped over a pipe
      and dislodged it. His principal had him arrested for vandalism.
    • Through advocacy and community organizing, we’re creating a better future for kids like Sean, Jerome and Zach. We’re proving that meeting children’s needs saves taxpayer dollars, increases public safety and helps vulnerable young people become an asset to their communities.

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