Why Choose Transgender 101 & Islam as Topics?

In Connecticut, this past week a Muslim mosque received a very threatening, and vulgar letter and we cannot forget that last year a Mosque in Meriden was shot, and that the FBI reported that “attacks against American Muslims surged last year, driving an overall increase in hate crime against all groups. In its report the F.B.I. cataloged a total of 5,818 hate crimes in 2015 — a rise of about 6 percent over the previous year — including assaults, bombings, threats, and property destruction against minorities, women, gays and others. Attacks against Muslim Americans saw the biggest surge. There were 257 reports of assaults, attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims last year, a jump of about 67 percent over 2014. Attacks against transgender people also sharply increased.”

We believe that these are two groups that are grossly misrepresented in the mainstream media and are greatly misunderstood by many people. The purpose of this event is to bring our community together to learn more about these two topics to break down any myths and misconceptions, to help us all be better allies and to show our support for both the Muslim and Transgender community.

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