EVENT: Women’s Vigil on Lower CT River Valley, CT Sister March

the-oneswho-are-crazy-enough-tothink-theycan-changethe-worldare-the-oneswho-doOn January 21, 2017 we will unite in East Haddam, CT as a sister event of the Women’s March on Washington. To officially register for the event click here 

All people, regardless of gender are welcome to join us.  We will be holding a standing VIGIL (with limited seats available for those who are not able to stand for the duration of an hour) not a MARCH (in order to increase accesiblity for people with differing abilities, small children and/or limited mobility).  If you are in need of any special accommodations please email us at togetherwerisect@gmail.com and we will do our best to make arrangements for you.

The VIGIL will be near a sign that says, “Dear Muslims, Immigrants, Women, Disabled, LGBTQ+ folks and People of Color. We love you- boldly & proudly. We will endure. -Shaun King”. You are welcome to bring your own signs and banners.

We request that all participants park at the Rotary Skating Pond or the Upper Parking lot of Town Tavern  and walk (approx 30 sec to the site of the vigil).  For those with limited mobility there will be parking reserved in the parking lot of Two Wrasslin’ Cats (the site of the vigil)



The vigil is held in the parking lot of a Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee shop, so people with children, senior citizens, etc will be able to go inside and warm up during the event.

Please  support our local businesses and get lunch, a snack or a drink at Two Wrasslin Cats, The Town Tavern & Restaurant.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions please feel free to email us at togetherwerisect@gmail.com

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