Our Core Values

1-  We are devoted to nonviolent action,

2-  We condemn all hate crimes and hate speech,

3- We believe in this nation’s founding principle of religious freedom, which includes a freedom from religion, and the rights of all people to practice their faith without discrimination,

4- We support Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM) rights and are in fierce opposition to conversion therapy or withdrawal of rights of any kind,

5- We TRUST Women and we will never back down on women’s rights, whether in healthcare, the workplace, or any other area where women’s rights are violated or threatened,

6- Black Lives Matter to us,

7- No Muslim Registry- ever,

8- We stand for the rights and agency of children and minors,

9- We support the human rights of immigrants, refugees, and their families,

10- We support equal rights and equal opportunities for seniors and for people with differing abilities,

11-  We stand strong in support of the rights of all Indigenous People,

12- We believe in the First Amendment which includes Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press as integral facets of our society,

13- We believe that climate change is real, that environmental justice IS social justice, and we will fight for the health of our planet,
14- Our group does not follow party lines, but we always support and defend our Core Values, regardless of political affiliation.